Customer Satisfaction Programme

What do we measure?

This is not the first time that our customers - you as the passenger - have had the opportunity to evaluate our service with each flight. Traditionally, AIR FRANCE and KLM handed out pen and paper questionnaires on board to give passengers the opportunity to evaluate the service so far and to provide feedback. This gave us good insight into how we could improve our service, from continuous changes in catering to major investments in new seats.

However, our service does not end on board. We also strive to offer a smooth disembarkation process and efficient luggage handling. Also, the amount of time available to fill in the questionnaire was limited on short-haul flights. In short, a new method to measure your experience was needed.

That is why we developed a new online Customer Satisfaction programme. This survey measures the customer experience concerning all aspects of our service throughout the journey. The programme was developed with help from Kantar, one of the world’s leading experts in customer research, and was tested extensively with customers before being launched.

The survey focuses on several aspects of our service:

  • Check-in process (check-in, border control, lounge)
  • Boarding
  • Cabin Crew
  • In-flight experience (reading material, entertainment, food & beverage)
  • Disembarkation, including baggage handling

The results are used by various departments within both AIR FRANCE and KLM to improve business decisions and customer service, both on strategic level (e.g. investments in new equipment) as well as on operational level (e.g. implementation of SkyPriority).