Frequently Asked Questions Quality Observer Programme

How do you select your Quality Observers?

With the Quality Observer programme we aim to regularly cover all AIR FRANCE and KLM stations (including respective flights). We invite our valued Flying Blue Elite members – as experienced travelers - to participate as Quality Observer during one of their booked flights, based on the destinations/flights which are planned to be observed.

How is the survey set-up?

The Quality Observer programme is designed to observe the quality of service of AIR FRANCE and KLM during a journey. The survey is answered online from your smartphone, iPad or laptop, in order to give the Quality Observers access to the questionnaire while people are on the go. Besides answering the objective YES/NO questions, the survey also allows Quality Observers to add remarks and/or to take pictures to illustrate their answers. This gives AIR FRANCE and KLM optimum input to evaluate and, where needed, improve their quality of service.

You will find a short instruction movie on the Quality Observer programme below.

Should I -at any time- make myself known as Quality Observer towards staff?

As to safeguard the optimal objectivity in results it is important that you do not make yourself known as Quality Observer at any time towards airline or airport staff.

In which languages the questionnaire is available?

The Quality Observer programme is available in French and English. Based on your preferred language known by the AIR FRANCE and KLM Flying Blue programma, you are invited in either French or English. You may change the preferred language at the beginning of the survey.

How often will I be invited to participate?

Each Quality Observer will be asked to participate on a limited number of flights a year, per invitation the Quality Observer can indicate to participate or not.

What happens to my personal information?

Your personal flight information is needed to confirm that you took part in the flight. After your observation, the personal information that will be used for Market Research are your name, email address, opinion, Flying Blue level and number, flight details. Your observation is combined with that of other passengers on the same flight/destination in order to obtain a complete picture of the quality of service. We respect all privacy laws (see the privacy statements of Kantar, Air France or KLM) and adhere to the Code on Social and Market Research and Professional Standards as set forth by ICC/Esomar, the world association for market research. Neither your personal data, nor the answers you give in the survey will ever be used for commercial offers or mailings on an individual level unless after your explicit permission.

What do I do if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

The flight you have been invited for will be active in the Quality Observer application until 48 hours after your scheduled arrival. If your flight is cancelled or delayed for more than 48 hours you can’t participate for the flight you have been invited for. Unfortunately we can’t change the flight data in your survey. You do not need to contact Air France of KLM in this case. We would however highly appreciate it if you would participate on the next flight you will be invited for.

What kind of questions / options can I expect in the survey?

The Quality Observer programme is based on service conformity, meaning that we would like to know whether the delivered quality of service complies with the Air France and KLM standards. The survey is objective, and you will mainly be asked questions that require a YES or NO answer. For example: ‘’Were you greeted with a smile?’’. For some questions we give the option in the survey to elaborate when a NO answer is given. Also, for specific questions, the option appears automatically in the survey to take pictures and upload these in the survey. This will give us more detailed insights. We ask you to only take pictures of situations, not of people.

What happens with the results?

The results are used by many departments within AIR FRANCE and KLM, both on a management and operational level, to evaluate the quality of service. The results are analysed per flight stretch and destination, but can also be used to identify trends, new developments and possible recurring issues. The outcomes of your observation are processed as soon as possible to give us up-to-date insights. With the Quality Observer programme we aim to safeguard a worldwide consistency in high quality of service delivered to our customers and, where needed, to improve our service.

How can I unsubscribe from these research invitations?

In the invitation e-mails you can select to participate for a specific flight, or you can choose to not participate this time. Also, at the bottom of each e-mail, there is a link that allows you to unsubscribe from all e-mails regarding the programme, so you will never be invited as a Quality Observer again.

What incentive is offered within the Quality Observer programme and how/when do I receive the incentive?

Per completed Quality Observer observation we offer 500 Flying Blue Award Miles. The Miles are credited within 8 weeks after your participation as Quality Observer.

I have a question about the Quality Observer programme. What contact address can I use?

For questions related to the Quality Observer programme, please contact the support desk via

For further contact details, please visit the "contact" page.