Frequently Asked Questions Customer Satisfaction Programme

Which passengers are invited?

Customer satisfaction is monitored on all routes across the AIR FRANCE KLM network. We invite a selection of passengers per flight, who are sent an e-mail with a unique link that they can use to evaluate our service. We invite about 90,000 passengers per month.

Why do you invite so many people?

We want to understand our customers’ experiences with our products and services in different situations and at different times of the day. This enables us to make informed decisions about product development and service improvements. For this, we need to have a representative sample of customers in every region, airport, flight, cabin, and so on.

Is it possible to still fill in the questionnaire on paper?

No. After June 2013 we will no longer have our survey conducted on board. With our online questionnaire, we are able to review our performance soon after your experience. That way, we are able to act upon the results swiftly. A paper version of the questionnaire takes more time to process.

Why can I no longer fill in the questionnaire on board?

Our service does not end on board. We also strive to offer a smooth disembarkation process and efficient luggage handling. Also, the time available to fill in the questionnaire was limited on short-haul flights. By sending an invitation after your arrival, you can evaluate the total customer experience, even on shorter flights.

In which languages can the questionnaire be filled in?

The questionnaire can be filled in, in one of the following 19 languages: Arabic, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese/Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Spanish or Swedish.

I have filled in an evaluation before. Do I need to fill it in again?

It may well be that you have been invited to fill in our Customer Satisfaction Survey for a previous flight, but your new evaluation will help us to continuously improve the customer experience. We therefore appreciate your feedback on every flight for which you are invited, as each flight might have yielded a different experience. In other words, each different flight experience is relevant for us.

What happens to my personal information?

Your personal information is needed to confirm that you took part in the flight. After your evaluation, the personal information that will be used for Market Research are your name, email address, opinion, Flying Blue level and number, flight details. Your evaluation is combined with that of other passengers on the same flight in order to obtain a complete picture of the customer experience. Individual records are only used for an aggregated analysis. We respect all privacy laws (see the privacy statements of Kantar, Air France or KLM) and adhere to the Code on Social and Market Research and Professional Standards as set forth by ICC/Esomar, the world association for market research. Neither your personal data, nor the answers you give in the survey will ever be used for commercial offers or mailings on an individual level.

How much time do I have to fill in the questionnaire?

The questionnaire is open for seven days after your arrival date. It should take around 6-10 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Is it possible to finish the questionnaire at a later stage?

Yes. You have the possibility to save your given answers and finalise your evaluation at a later stage. The questionnaire is open for seven days after your arrival date.

Do I have to answer all of the questions before I send my feedback?

No. It is not needed to complete the whole questionnaire to give us your feedback. However, your feedback is highly appreciated and so we invite you to answer as many questions as possible. During your evaluation you have the possibility to save your given answers and finalise your evaluation at a later stage. The answers given to that point are used in our processing.

What happens with the results?

The results will be used by many departments within AIR FRANCE KLM to improve business decisions. The results are made available through a reporting tool that is accessible to all levels in the organisation. The results are analysed per flight, but can also be used to analyse over time, to identify trends, new developments and possible recurring issues. Your evaluation is processed as soon as possible to give us up-to-date insights. Your input can then be used to improve our service where needed and to maintain an optimal customer experience.

How can I unsubscribe from these research invitations?

Although we seriously stress the importance for all of our customers to give feedback and help us improve our products and services, we offer a link to an unsubscribe page in every e-mail. If you click on that link, you will no longer receive invitations from Kantar about your flight experiences with AIR FRANCE or KLM.